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Hey there, thanks for visiting.

The old server suffered an attack recently. So, rather than spend the time recovering a site I hadn’t updated in 5+ years, I opted to launch the new version (waaaay before completing it) instead.

Meaning, everything you’re looking at is temporary…

Like a rough sketch before the finished piece.

Enjoy the glimpse behind-the-scenes!

I'm Chasing Something...

While my hunt continues, this site serves as a public-facing repository of the riches, expertise, and tales I’ve gathered over my near thirty-year odyssey.

In this humble corner of the digital realm, rather than hawk services or digital wares, I document and archive the ways I harness and apply two decades of marketing mastery, while preparing myself for the ultimate, inevitable confrontation with the dread beast who stands between me and my goal.

Welcome to my domain.

(Even prior to the hack, I’ve always liked to do my remodeling in public. This stage is called wireframing.)

When it comes to marketing, David is an absolute genius! His creativity and ability to teach even the most complex marketing concepts have been invaluable for our team. We’ve seen incredible results, and we owe it all to David’s guidance.

Martin Rodriguez
Director of Sales
Sunshine Travel Agency

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