Hi, I'm David

Your Creative Technologist

[ The Strategist & His Sandbox ]

I don't blame you for expecting me to sell myself here. As soon as folks hear I'm a career marketer, they figure a pitch must be right around the corner.

It makes sense — selling is what marketers do, isn't it?

That's what 'personal brands' are for, right?

After all, if you aren't monetizing the attention you receive, you don't have a business, you have a hobby.

The trouble is, I don't want to position myself as the ultimate authority in my field anymore. I've played that character before, and it's an unwinnable social paradox.

People crave assurance that you have the skills, but self-proclaiming expertise? That's a no-no...

Express confidence? You're arrogant. Stay humble? You're inexperienced. I'm bored of the recursion of it.

After all, the world doesn't need another guru.

So, I'm gonna sit over here, do my work, and let you finally see what I was really up to when folks thought I was just a fitness photographer who hit the world stage out of nowhere.

Because behind the facade of the photographer who made headlines, I've been tirelessly refining a machine for nearly two decades. There's no reason to keep it quiet now. The momentum is unstoppable. Unless, of course, I hit the brakes..

Like a Glacier Carves a Canyon

Here's my reality: Each morning, before my feet touch the ground, I face off against a three-headed Hydra of Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD. And each day, I [yomi] that bastard into submission, and turn it's ferocity into my secret weapon.

There's no sales gimmick here; the "how" is simple: I absolutely refuse to have zero-percent days.

A simple solution, by no means easy.

Some days, the hydra takes everything I have to give.

It leaves me leveled — a breathless, bloody heap in the sand...

And as it closes its jaws around me, I swear to you... I always consider just letting it finally fuckin' eat me...

But then I think about you...

I think about how you might need a guide, like I've needed one...

And the next thing I know, I've gagged that scaly bitch with a rock, and sprinted toward the multi-monitor battle-station I'm writing you from, right now.

Because I am apparently allergic to abandoning the quest.

A Quest, You Say?

Oh yes.

See, I'm not your stereotypical marketer, sitting safely in a cubicle, far removed from the action (and consequences) of their tactically-focused gaze. No.

If you glance at my history, you'll see I've been around: rescuing nonprofits from their deathbed, kick-starting disruptive startups, crafting marketing strategies for hundreds of struggling businesses, etc, etc...

It reads like a series of side-quests, and I like it that way.

I do the job, collect my coin, and move on.

Like a marketing Witcher.

And I love my work.

Making new millionaires is exhilarating.

Watching your weird, beautiful face transition from "deer-in-the-headlights" to "lion on the prowl" is what I live for.

My current vehicle for that experience is Wabbit, where I've spent the last 5 years deliberately ignoring the gospel of modern marketing, just to prove that most marketers are utterly full of shit — and I'm having a great time.

So, What is This Place?

It's not quite a resume, and way too 'plain' and 'unrefined' to be a killer portfolio... what gives?

And, why does it look like a page out of that old notebook you used to fill with thoughts, ideas, dreams, and... stickers?

Because, every success I've had began on the blank page.

The notebook is a sacred space where ideas are born, grow, and develop — where they're scratched out, revised, and eventually filled with life.

This design is an homage to that process, to the sketch; one of humanity's oldest skills, and the medium of all great inventions.

A Quick Note About the Website's Backbone:

I built this space as a living, breathing testament to the chase. I chose Django to drive the backend because of what I plan to do here. Regardless of my personal site architecture, Wordpress is what I recommend for all early-stage entrepreneurs — and is still in use as a headless CMS for this site.

One Last Thing...

If you're curious, here's why people tag me in on projects:

  1. I’m as reliable as gravity, and twice as compelling.
  2. Specializing as I do has allowed me to develop a robust domain of expertise.
  3. As a result, I make the surprising, valuable connections that others miss.

If you want to do the same, reach out.

I'll be over here creating.